Big Scale Development Concept


Sometimes something bigger comes on your way… We can call it ‘bigger’: a totally new residential area with thousands of new apartments and an office centre is not exactly a small project. This concept was made by the highly talented team of MM Works with a little help of me…


Kindergarden in Germany


Working on a competition is a great and also a stressful task: Many fresh and new ideas on one hand, tight deadlines and hectically changing conceptions on the other.


Volleyball Centre in Belgium


After the Olympic Games, beach volleyball became highly popular in Belgium – with only one problem: Sunny days are quite rare in the country. But there is always a solution: let’s build some indoor beach volleyball halls! The sand is heated the game can be played anytime.


Luxury Villa Concept


Sometimes you don’t have much time to create something pleasing. It was no different this time, so if you take a look at the model carefully you may realise that not too many details added here.  In a very short timescale, we managed to produce a nice looking presentation for this quick concept.


Modern Villa in Budapest V02


… And here comes the second version of the villa from the previous post. You can choose your favourite too…


Modern villa in Budapest V01


A nice modern villa situated on the hilly side of Budapest. Surprisingly this building was designed in two different style – both of them are quite cool I think. Other version coming soon.

Design: MM Works


Chocolate shop in London

Images, Interior

We all like chocolate… I don’t know if it makes to model a chocolate shop better but it was fun to work on this small project.


Pump house


It is always a great pleasure to work with David Long Architects (DLA). David is a passionate designer and architect and it as not a hard work to a make nice looking picture of his works. It was not different this time neither.

Pumphouse_Int_160201_00001 copy

Braun SK2 Radio

Images, Interior

I was looking for some classical designs – cool enough to make nice models of them. Finally I ended up with Braun’s electronic products. There are several very nice designs made by Dieter Rams. (They inspired among others several products of Apple.) One of them is this radio Braun SK2 designed in 1955.

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Weekend house interior

Blender, Featured, Housing, Images

This one was an old design of mine – OK, together with some really talented colleges from MM Works architect studio – with some hope that one day it may be realized in real life.
balaton_int_overall_050316 copy