Kindergarden in Germany


Working on a competition is a great and also a stressful task: Many fresh and new ideas on one hand, tight deadlines and hectically changing conceptions on the other.


A not so architectural project

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A nice new portable and openable pavilion design for the world famous People Speak… Based on the original plans of Ottó Szabó – some fine-tuning, modelling and rendering was made by me.

Design: Ottó Szabó, Attila Balogh
Image: Attila Balogh

Pavilion_1214_0003_pregamma_1_reinhard02_key_0.28_phi_1Pavilion_1214_0002_pregamma_1_reinhard02_key_0.28_phi_1Pavilion_1214_0001_pregamma_1_reinhard02_key_0.28_phi_1Pavilion_1214_Mont_1080p copy



Cultural centre in Budapest


The point of this competition was to convert a bus/tram terminal into a cultural centre. The original terminal was a one-storeyed round building was built in 1944. Some additional areas had to be added so new levels must have been built/designed. Our entry was designed by Miklós Miltényi and Emese Virt  added another circular levels similar to the original building and the whole design was given some little more spin. On the extra levels a concert hall a bar and an exhibition area was formed accompanied with some terraces with nice view to the city.

My part was to make some visualisations as usual…

design by
Miklós M. Miltényi
Emese Virt

visualisation by
Attila Balogh

New Cultural Centre in Budapest

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The 15th district of Budapest organised a national competition for ideas renovating the central area of the district. The main goal was to design a new public area made by the excellent garden designer team of Pagony. The second task was to design a Cultural Centre which integrates to the new area.  This building was designed and visualised by me.

Our entry won second prize on the competition out of 65 works.

Yafaray contest entry

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My entry to 2010 winter contest – amazing architecture.  Honored by special mention by the jury. (Yafaray is an open source rendering engine hosted by the open source 3d package called Blender.)

We will live here … / competition for family houses

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Competition entry for family house competition.
Our aim was to make a comfortable and variable living space in a minimal area.

design by Miklós M. Miltényi

visualisation by
Attila Balogh