Kindergarden in Germany


Working on a competition is a great and also a stressful task: Many fresh and new ideas on one hand, tight deadlines and hectically changing conceptions on the other.


Modern Villa in Budapest V02


… And here comes the second version of the villa from the previous post. You can choose your favourite too…


Modern villa in Budapest V01


A nice modern villa situated on the hilly side of Budapest. Surprisingly this building was designed in two different style – both of them are quite cool I think. Other version coming soon.

Design: MM Works


Pump house


It is always a great pleasure to work with David Long Architects (DLA). David is a passionate designer and architect and it as not a hard work to a make nice looking picture of his works. It was not different this time neither.

Pumphouse_Int_160201_00001 copy

Weekend house interior

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This one was an old design of mine – OK, together with some really talented colleges from MM Works architect studio – with some hope that one day it may be realized in real life.
balaton_int_overall_050316 copy

Draw some attention Vol. 3.

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This time, we try to turn a – really very nice :-/ – design from the late 80’s into a little more up-to-date wine bar. (Wine bars are getting popular nowadays in Budapest.) It’s just a conception so no very much detail yet. Let’s hope that client will like it so we can go further…

Design by
Miklós Miltényi
Attila Balogh

Visuals by
Attila Balogh

Incognito_0418_V02_01 copyIncognito_0418_V01_03 copyIncognito_0418_V01_02 copyIncognito_0418_V01_01 copy

Do you like it? Have comments or questions? Feel free to send me a message!

Pimp my Plan

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So we have some plans – nice but a little boring for some presentation purpose. With some Photoshop treatment, they can be better – some nice shadows and colours added to the original lines and hatches and Voila!

Normafa Home Deluxe - Pegasus building - Loft apartmentNormafa Home Deluxe - Pegasus building - Floor apartmentNormafa Home Deluxe - Pegasus building - Ground floor apartment

Cultural centre in Budapest


The point of this competition was to convert a bus/tram terminal into a cultural centre. The original terminal was a one-storeyed round building was built in 1944. Some additional areas had to be added so new levels must have been built/designed. Our entry was designed by Miklós Miltényi and Emese Virt  added another circular levels similar to the original building and the whole design was given some little more spin. On the extra levels a concert hall a bar and an exhibition area was formed accompanied with some terraces with nice view to the city.

My part was to make some visualisations as usual…

design by
Miklós M. Miltényi
Emese Virt

visualisation by
Attila Balogh