Luxury Villa Concept


Sometimes you don’t have much time to create something pleasing. It was no different this time, so if you take a look at the model carefully you may realise that not too many details added here.  In a very short timescale, we managed to produce a nice looking presentation for this quick concept.


Modern Villa in Budapest V02


… And here comes the second version of the villa from the previous post. You can choose your favourite too…


Modern villa in Budapest V01


A nice modern villa situated on the hilly side of Budapest. Surprisingly this building was designed in two different style – both of them are quite cool I think. Other version coming soon.

Design: MM Works


Braun SK2 Radio

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I was looking for some classical designs – cool enough to make nice models of them. Finally I ended up with Braun’s electronic products. There are several very nice designs made by Dieter Rams. (They inspired among others several products of Apple.) One of them is this radio Braun SK2 designed in 1955.

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Weekend house interior

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This one was an old design of mine – OK, together with some really talented colleges from MM Works architect studio – with some hope that one day it may be realized in real life.
balaton_int_overall_050316 copy

3d models – 3d printed

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We always talking about ‘3d models’ – yes and then we see it on the screen or in print. Very nice but it has nothing to do with 3d. It’s actually 2d all the time. So what to do? If we have a 3d model, let’s print it in 3d! I made a try but I didn’t want to buy a 3d printer for this so I used 3d Hubs – a service which connects people who want to make 3d prints and the ones who owns a 3d printer. My print was made with an Ultimaker Plus. So I only needed to go there and pick up my print. Here are the images. How do you like it?


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15 minutes of fame vol 2.

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It’s always a good feeling to know that is your work is respected some ways. Even better if your creation is selected for a good old style paper made book. The made this really awesome book selecting many stunning images made with  Blender– and yes my work was also selected. Thanks for that! And the book is really worth checking – many inspiring works in there!



Two private projects

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It’s great not to have time for private projects – it means that you have a lot to do. …But… It’s great to have time for a private project – because you can experiment with new things and develop your skills without worrying about the deadlines and client’s expectations. So you can decide if it is great or not that I had the time to experiment with to private projects – two exteriors.

The first is started as just a garden scene – the aim was to test the different elements of an exterior scene. Then I added a very simple building and gradually developed it with details and materials.
The other is an old design of me – not built yet but there is some hope that it will be built someday. For this one I wanted to achieve the famous ‘blue hour’ effect which is very popular among the landscape and architecture photographers.

For both scenes, I added a more intense Photoshop treatment for extra mood and effects.




Nice modern hotel in Germany

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Even if your design in the preliminary phase it worth to have some nice image of it. Your client will understand it better he can imagine it better and he surely will like it more.   🙂

So when Vogt Architecten asked me to make some nice image of their cool simple modern design I was happy to do it. After having the model finished it was a little challenging to integrate it into the photo they made at the site but finally it came out nice. With the pleasant river bank, it became really attractive.

Vogt Architekten

Attila Balogh



Storage transformed into stunning office space

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Do you have an old, dark, shabby storage located in the city? You can keep it as it is and can store your old tennis shoes and broken furniture there…