Guest house in the contryside

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A real nice and cosy guest house in the countryside somewhere in Hungary. A really nice place for spending your weekend! The great design is made by Miklós Miltényi and Katalin Iványi.
Time was short for this so the visuals made in just a few hours based on the architect’s model originally made with ArchiCad. It’s a great opportunity to import these models and make great images of them in just a few hours!

Miklós Miltényi
Katalin Iványi

Attila Balogh


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Weekend house at the lake Balaton

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A very interesting project was to design a modern style weekend house in a small city next to the lake Balaton. We decided to make a ‘mini competition’ in the office so our client could choose from different designs. Finally my design was chosen so the final plans were made based on that.