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It is quite comfortable to push new things on a blog BUT some nice stuff sink easily in time… So there are some images worth to check.
Enjoy them!
This post will be available in the menu and some more to come so check back soon… 🙂

Some years ago I worked on a  very nice family villa on the calm hilly Buda side of the city designed by Miklós Miltényi and Emese Virt.
A nice castle in western Hungary being renovated and turned into a nice hotel. Building work is on the way and hopefully one day it get finished.

A very nice interior made for the information point of EP/EC. The beautiful photos are made by Tamás Bujnovszky for the magazine Octogon.

A competiton for new family houses in a newly evolved area. Design by Miklós Miltényi.

A lovely family house in a charming little town close to Budapest. Original design was started by Miklós Miltényi then we formed the building together to the form you can see in the pictures. Hopefully will be built this year.

A great family house designed by David Long. Several images made to show the concept to the clients (and to amaze them) 🙂

will be continued…

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