EU information point in Budapest

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The European Union decided to build ‘Information Points’ in the capitols of EU countries to help people to get informations easier about EU. Also some cultural events as concerts, exhibitions and lectures takes place here. The first of this kind of Information Points was made in Budapest.

Our goal was to create a friendly – not businesslike – place where people can have a coffee and can read some useful information about EU or one of the newspapers of few European countries.

The main counter which serves the information and the café as well was made of prefabricated concrete. Some traditional elements was used as modernized pieces of old furniture – bench and table – and cement tiles which has 100 years of tradition alongside with iconic modern furniture.

Next to the stair an exciting Hungarian invention was used – a partition wall made of translucent concrete showing the contours of the visitors climbing the stairs.

Our work was published in leading Hungarian architecture magazines as Octogon and Atrium.

design by

Attila Balogh
M. Miltényi Miklós

Photo by

Tamas Bujnovszky

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